Children Portraits Soham

Your child is most likely the light of your life. Capturing their beauty, their youth and cheeky personalities will be something you will look back on fondly and something that your children can keep and treasure for years to come also. We want to offer naturally atmospheric photos of children that show both their personality and their beauty! Children are often changing, their morphing phases through toddler age to childhood and beyond is both a blessing and a magical time and it is something you can capture before it’s gone. Photography is personal, and we want it to reflect that. Your children don’t stay tiny for long, so let’s start capturing those moments of youth! It’s time for us to get creative with you! There’s always something new to create with children, they are playful, jovial and most often open to things, but if your child is shy around strangers and cameras, we will endeavour to make it a great experience!

Our professional shots for children are fun and exciting. Your children will feel completely at home and will give them their first real experience in front of the camera, which hopefully will be something they fall in love with! Capture them laughing, playing, relaxed and being at ease; remember these times forever with a session that you won’t forget. Our dedicated team will be sure that your child or children can also have an input, we believe it’s important to catch their personality on camera, so whether it’s looking at their hobbies and interests or playing up any special facial features, we can discuss the direction of the images to grab the most exquisite and captivating imagery. We focus on maintaining a relaxed atmosphere, with focus, patience and flexibility for all shoots; including a range of poses that your children feel comfortable with. We appreciate children can become restless and may be unfamiliar with a studio atmosphere, so the more playful the better and we will be able to really make them feel 100% happy being photographed!

Bring along your own items too such as changes of clothing and their favourite items because this will make them much more conducive to the studio and in addition to this, be sure to bring along their favourite toys and accessories, in addition to ours, we can play around with all of them to see which your child feels the most comfortable with on the day and what looks the most pleasing on camera also.
Receiving Your Images

Once your images have been returned to you, you can use the images in any way you wish, add their images onto a personalised tote bag, mug or have it framed and add to your beautiful home gallery. Simple, classic photography will be forever timeless and you can guarantee your imagery will always be a reminder of those beautiful times. Our studio in Soham is ready and waiting for you.

Please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team members to discuss your thoughts and ideas for a shoot and we will be able to book you in at a time convenient to you.