Family Portraits Soham

Here at our photography studio in Soham, we appreciate the beauty of family portraits. The ability to capture beautiful family moments, of laughter, joy and happiness, are images that you can treasure forever and display in any way you wish, with our bespoke design service. Family portraits can be often difficult to take alone, which is why we can take the stress out of capturing those perfect moments by allowing our team to create captivating and creative imagery. Whether you want to frame them for your home, add them to your family albums or have them placed on family souvenirs, you need that stunning set of photos!

We appreciate that every family has a different set of desires for their shoot, so we aim to discuss every idea with families beforehand, to get a feel of the style and design you want. Complete families together are beautiful portraits to shoot; from bubbly smiling children to proud parents, we like to capture both the love and happiness that you radiate. We will be able to provide you with a set of professional photographs, and the concept behind what we do is to spend time consulting, looking at the types of portraits you may want and of course please be sure to know that everyone is welcome, from Mum, Dad and the kids, Grandparents and extended family. Having a set of professional family portraits comes with a multitude of benefits, everyone can have a copy of the photo - it’s time to start capturing those happy times!

Fun, Easy And Exciting...

We want you to feel pleased with your shoot, and our goal is to make you feel completely comfortable being in front of the camera; we appreciate that not everyone enjoys it. We will be able to compliment your looks with our professional lighting and camera equipment, which will add to your collection of wonderful photographic memories. Book a slot that suits your time and schedule and liaise with our friendly and professional team to see what types of images you may be looking for.

All our photos are of the highest quality and standard and we pride ourselves on this, as well as our approach to your needs. There is no need to prepare for much; our Soahm studio is fitted with backdrops, props and accessories to play around with but you are welcome to bring your own. We can play around with what feels good and which props work well if you choose to use them. Getting the feel for the space and equipment will be easy, and we can guide you into the right poses and settings, to ensure that you can get photos that feel realistic, atmospheric and beautiful also. We want it to be a fun enjoyable day out for all the family!

Please do get in touch with one of our friendly team members today and let’s plan the shoot of your life with the most special people in your life. We are ready and waiting for you!