Pregnant Photography

Being pregnant is both a beautiful and emotional journey. Your hormones are most often playing with your mind and feelings and you may either be at war or peace with your body, but either way, we believe that pregnancy is utterly beautiful and worth capturing before your baby arrives. Your pregnancy bump is a beautiful reminder of the life you’re carrying inside, and the beauty of a new life and new addition to your family. Freeze this special moment in time by visiting our Soham studio and get some pregnancy photography shots that you can frame and keep for yourself and to show your new child in the future.

It is something incredibly special for any couple to be able to remember the pregnancy journey and how you were feeling in that moment of time, whether it was joy, excitement or perhaps even nervous anticipation, the journey is a huge and beautiful path and we want to make you feel incredible in this time. Capture the glow that every pregnant mother to be has, and allow our team to bring this to life even further, in stunning portraits. Pick the dress or outfit that makes you feel the most beautiful, we can also play around with props, which may be accessories for your new baby or any prop that will work well for the style and theme that you desire. We love to capture couples too; so let us take photos of your growing family in a comfortable and unique environment. Perhaps you already have a child and you are expecting baby number two, bring your child along to capture this beautiful journey of pregnancy with you. It’s a lovely way for your child to remember the journey before their brother or sister are born. It is certainly a wonderful time in your life to look back on and we want to help you remember it.

Capturing The Moments

No matter the look you want, whether it be elegant, chic, laid back or more atmospheric, we can cater to your needs and create portraits that resonate with you and will last a lifetime. Exquisite photography is timeless and priceless, and we believe it’s important to create imagery that feels right to you; so our friendly team will be able to discuss what feels right and what may not work for you as well as helping you to feel comfortable in front of the camera if this is the first time working with a professional photographer. There is no need to feel cautious, our friendly team will make you feel at ease from start to finish because we want to get the very best from you and making you feel completely comfortable is so important for us.

Please get in touch with us today to see how we can help you capture those beautiful moments of pregnancy and allow you to feel beautiful, sophisticated, elegant and above all… feel like you! This moment is yours, let us capture it for you.